My Shopping List for a Mariano’s Charcuterie Board

Mariano’s has an incredible selection of cheeses, so I put together a list of my staple selections for building a Mariano’s charcuterie board.

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January 20, 2022

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Living in Chicago, Mariano’s is my grocery store of choice. I often actually order through Instacart (if you’ve never tried Instacart – my coupon code gives you $10 off your first order!). The convenience of having groceries delivered to my apartment in the city is amazing, but the downside is that I can’t peruse the aisles the way I like to in the store. That means that I need to know exactly what groceries I want the shopper to pick up for me, including my charcuterie board ingredients. Below you can find my shopping list. (PS – if Aldi is more your jam, check out our recommendations for an Aldi charcuterie board).

Mariano’s Charcuterie Board Shopping List


I do like to mix it up and often order cheeses that I haven’t tried before, but I have a core group of go-to cheeses that I order regularly. If I'm putting together a board for just my husband and I, I'll usually get 2-3 cheeses. For a larger group, I'll get more! Brie is pretty much a staple in our home, so I like to complement that with harder types of cheese so that we have a good mix of flavors on the board.

Mariano's charcuterie board

· Sartori Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago Reserve Cheese

· Reny Picot Brie Soft Ripened Cheese

· BelGioioso Fontina Cheese

· Emmi Kaltbach Le Gruyere Cheese

· Castello Smoked Gouda Wedge

· BelGioioso Asiago Cheese Wedge

· BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese Wedge

· Kerrygold Grass-Fed Aged Irish Cheddar


We've written about how there are two types of cracker people: those who like simple and those who like complex crackers. Of course, I'm a simple cracker lover and my husband likes flavorful crackers. So whether it's just us or we're having company over, I like to get a variety of types of crackers for everyone to enjoy! Plus, pairing different types of crackers with different cheeses adds to the fun of mixing flavors from a charcuterie board. And if you're looking for gluten free crackers, check out this blog post.

Mariano's charcuterie board

· Private Selection Cracker Collection (I love this pack because it has 4 types of crackers in one!)

· Carr’s Table Water Crackers

· La Panzanella Mini Croccantini


My husband is an absolute meat-lover, so this category is essential for charcuterie in our house. Again, I like to get a variety pack if I can.

Mariano's charcuterie board

· Columbus II Classico Antipasto Sampler

· Fiorucci Proscuitto

Extras for a Mariano’s Charcuterie Board:

Don't forget the extras! My go-to foods include dried fruit or real fruit, depending on what's in season and what I have an appetite for.

Mariano's charcuterie board

· Kroger Clover Honey (find out how I serve honey with Brie in this blog post)

· Mezzetta Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives

· Mariani Dried Mango

· Mariani Mediterranean Dried Apricots

· Red or Green Seedless Grapes

You can’t go wrong with any combination of the items above. If you make a Mariano’s charcuterie board, tag us on Instagram!

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