Building an Aldi Charcuterie Board

Aldi has upped its game, naming a charcuterie board of I headed to the store to try building an Aldi charcuterie board.

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December 10, 2021

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I’ve been an Aldi fan for a long time. Prices are good, I can be in and out quickly, and I’ve never gotten a dent on my car from a rogue cart. Aldi was always great for a ‘basics’ run, but when it came to charcuterie supplies, I tended to head to my local Jewel instead.

I heard Aldi had joined in on the recent charcuterie appreciation, even naming a charcuterie board of directors.  So they got me… I was listening.

I headed to my local store to get goodies for an Aldi charcuterie board. With hungry kids in tow and a Sunday football game to watch in an hour, the challenge had been accepted.

Gathering goodies for our Aldi Charcuterie Board

As soon as we walked in, we found some parmesan crisps that would add a salty, cheesy crunch. We grabbed some beautiful, juicy, multi-colored grapes for a pop of sweetness and color. A box of entertaining crackers were tossed in our cart. As we rounded the corner of the first aisle, there it was - an entire endcap dedicated to charcuterie!

Aldi charcuterie board
The #AllAldi charcuterie endcap

I grabbed the following from the endcap, and other than cheese, it really is all you’d need to make a beautiful board with both sweet and savory options:

Rosemary Italian Breadsticks

Whole Grain Mustard

Marcona Almonds

Assorted Sliced Meat Entertaining Tray

Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilled Crostini Toasts

Cheese Pairing Spread Set

After grabbing goodies from the endcap, we headed to the refrigerated section for more meat and cheese (oh cheese, how I love thee). The first thing that caught my eye was neither of the two, but kalamata olives. I grabbed those for a briny, salty touch.

Aldi charcuterie board
Kalamata Olives for my Aldi charcuterie board

I also picked up Brie, Gouda, Goat Cheese and a Cheddar + Gruyere combo to add to the cheese selection on my board. I rounded everything off with two more meats: Speck Italiano and Prosciutto Italiano.

My final purchases were as follows::

Parmesan Crisps


Rosemary Italian Breadsticks

Pita crackers


Whole Grain Mustard

Marcona Almonds

Assorted Sliced Meat Entertaining Tray

Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilled Crostini Toasts

Cheese Pairing Spread Set


Kalamata Olives

Brie Cheese : Side note, if Brie is delicious cold and warm. Check out our blog about how to eat brie by clicking here.

Speck Italiano

Prosciutto Italiano

Gouda Cheese

Cheddar + Gruyere Cheese

Goat Cheese

I spent just under $75, and I have leftover Gruyere Cheese for this recipe, supplies for lunches and snacks for throughout the week as well.

aldi charcuterie board
I grabbed my quarter and got in the car to head home from Aldi

When we got home, we got right to work putting our Aldi Charcuterie board together. My daughter has perfected the art of meat flowers and my son showed his proficiency for sampling everything while building the board.

About 15 minutes later, our board was ready. What I love so much about charcuterie is how beautiful the boards are with so little effort. Of course, they’re absolutely delicious too and allow everyone to customize each bite to their liking.

Aldi charcuterie board
My haul for an Aldi Charcuterie Board

Keeping it simple and affordable

When I did my Aldi shopping trip, I picked up quite a few things that we used sparingly and absolutely could have done without. The rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil is wonderful and I’ll use it in my kitchen. If you want to cut costs, you can leave this behind. I also bought four cheeses because I’m a crazy cheese obsessed maniac, but you could absolutely choose two and have a very full board. I’d suggest picking up a soft, spreadable cheese like goat cheese or brie and a firm cheese like Gruyère or gouda.

I also bought a lot of carbs: breadsticks, crostini toasts, pitas, parmesan crisps and pita crackers. Again, pick two and you have more than enough to have a packed, diverse charcuterie board.

I grabbed a whole lot of meat: the assorted sliced meat entertaining tray, speck italiano and prosciutto italiano. I like to cook with prosciutto, so I used it that week in other recipes. You could absolutely just pick up the assorted sliced meat entertaining tray for your board.

Finally, you can leave the dates behind, as I found for my group, I was the only one who likes them. If you know your crowd likes them, go for it, but I found myself eating dates for far too long!

Aldi charcuterie board
Putting the board together with my supplies from Aldi

Final thoughts on the Aldi Charcuterie Board

I will absolutely build more boards with supplies from Aldi. I was surprised by the variety of crunchy bases available (crisps, crackers, crostinis, breadsticks) and the quality of the thinly sliced, salty meats. The cheeses were affordable and the variety was solid. Because I have leftover supplies like crostinis, breadsticks, spreads, oil, almonds and mustard, I could absolutely head to Aldi and spend $20 on cheese and meat and build another bountiful board.

Aldi for the win!

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