Gruyere cheese: the versatile choice

Gruyere cheese is an excellent choice for recipes that call for melted cheese or for a simple cheese and fruit tray.

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February 5, 2022

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Gruyere (pronounced groo-YARE) is a firm cheese originating from Switzerland. Known for its versatility, Gruyere can be found in many popular recipes as well as on many charcuterie or cheese boards. Its nutty, mild and a tiny bit sweet flavor is pleasing to a large audience, making it a safe bet when serving to guests.

gruyere cheese for fondue
Shredded gruyere cheese is a classic fondue choice

Melty, gooey, yummy Gruyere

One of the biggest reasons cooks reach for Gruyere for recipes is its low melting point and high moisture qualities. One of the most classic uses is on top a steaming bowl of French onion soup. Throw a slice (or three) of Gruyere on top of an oven-safe bowl, pop it under the broiler for a few minutes and oh my… warm, cheesy, comforting goodness. Those who like to get a little funky with their classic mac and cheese or grilled cheese basics throw some Gruyere in the mix to add that nutty flavor.

Fondue, casserole, and any other dish that calls for melted cheese can benefit from this addition, as well. If you pick up a bag of shredded Gruyere cheese, you can easily grab a handful and toss it into your favorite cheesy dish.

shredded gruyere cheese
Shredded Gruyere and speghetti from Girl Gone Gourmet

Here’s an amazing, simple family dinner idea from Girl Gone Gourmet that transforms simple spaghetti into a tastier version of typical pasta with marinara. The grated Gruyere cheese will please even kids who want to live on Kraft Mac and Cheese – and they may even eat up the incorporated spinach among the cheese and noodles without complaint!

Slice it up for a charcuterie board

Because it is a mild cheese, Gruyere is a great addition to charcuterie boards. It can be layered on top of crackers, it can be paired with salty, cured meats, it can be smothered with jams… ok, I’m hungry now! If you’re wondering where to buy gruyere cheese, your local specialty store will certainly carry it, but I’ve seen Gruyere cheese at Walmart, Jewel, Marianos – I’ve also found an Aldi Grueyere Cheese / Cheddar blend. If you haven't read our blog about building an Aldi Charcuterie Board, check it out here.

gruyere cheese for charcuterie board
Gruyere pairs well with sweet fruits

Because of its nutty, creamy flavor, Gruyere pairs well with sweet fruits like grapes, apples, and pears. It also is delicious with a smear of mustard on top of a crispy cracker or warm, doughy bread. You can also cut up a block of gruyere into small squares, wrap them in croissant rolls, pop them in the oven and add warm, cheese-filled doughy bites to your board. If you want a more decadent sweetness with your gruyere than fruit, pair it with dark chocolate or drizzle it with honey.

Gruyere Nutrition

Gruyere is a great choice for people who are looking to avoid excessive carbohydrate consumption, as it has just .01 grams of carbs (not a significant source of carbohydrates. It’s also high in protein in calcium. Gruyere does have a rather high sodium, content, however, so if that’s something you’re trying to reduce in your diet, you may want to keep your portions of this cheese small. For Gruyere cheese calories and a very in-depth look at the nutritional values of this cheese, check out the USDA’s nutrition information here.

If you haven’t tried Gruyere, try it! Whether melted into a dish or simply sliced and enjoyed cold, it’s sure to please.

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