Marble charcuterie board

Charcuterie board that is made of or incorporates marble into its design

Serving trays made of or incorporating marble are a great choice for serving fruits, cheese or other foods that benefit from a cold surface. A marble charcuterie board in particular can be placed in the refrigerator before you add ingredients so they have a chilled surface to rest upon once placed on a counter or table for guests. Marble is also a wonderful material as it fits well into traditional-style kitchens and modern homes alike. Whether the entire board is made from marble or marble is a component of the board, it is a smart, functional and aesthetically pleasing choice. Here are some of our favorite marble charcuterie board choices.

A marble charcuterie board is both beautiful and functional, giving the user the ability to chill it and keep cheeses and fruits cold when served.

Large Marble Charcuterie Board
Beautiful and multi-functional, this large marble charcuterie board is also a great addition to the kitchen of people who enjoy baking.
February 6, 2022
Round Charcuterie Board with Handles
This round charcuterie board with handles marries marble, wood and gold for a classy, elegant and practical serving board.
June 22, 2022
Personalized Charcuterie Board
This personalized charcuterie board features Acacia wood and Marble to set off the personalization
June 22, 2022