Round Charcuterie Board with Handles

Round Charcuterie Board with Handles

This round charcuterie board with handles marries marble, wood and gold for a classy, elegant and practical serving board.

Sometimes the difference is in the details. When it comes to this board, the handles are where it's at!

round charcuterie board with handles
This round marble and wood board has handles for easy carrying and serving

What we love about this charcuterie board

There are no shortages of things we love about this serving tray. Beauty, practicality, materials and design are all factors that make us think this is a great charcuterie board to pick up for your own kitchen or to give as a gift.

Marble for chilling

When we came across this serving piece on Amazon, we fell in love. One of the greatest benefits of a board that incorporates marble is the ability to throw it into the refrigerator before piling on foods. The marble will chill and make a perfect serving surface for foods that are best cold. We suggest loading up cheeses and meats on the marble center, while placing crackers, bread, nuts and other room-temperature additions along the sides.


A round charcuterie board with handles- what can we say? It's like the equivalent of a dress with pockets! The handles on this board make picking up a loaded platter simple, whether moving it to another serving area or walking around offering food around a party. It's a bonus that the gold detailing pairs so elegantly with the wood and marble base. The three materials combined are striking in their warm and cool qualities.


Storage space can be a challenge in smaller kitchens. Charcuterie and cutting boards can be especially challenging because they aren't small or flexible. Luckily, this 13 inch tray is large enough to serve a large crowd if piled high or it can serve a few family or friends. It would also look beautiful if left on a kitchen island or table. Layer a vase and candle or some greenery to incorporate this round charcuterie board into a striking centerpiece. Because it can be left out, it doesn't have to take up storage space in a cabinet and serves dual-purpose as decor. Score!

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