The Perfect Round Charcuterie Board: It Exists!

A round charcuterie board can be modern or traditional, clean or ornate. They come in materials as varied as wood and marble to slate and resin. Some have hidden storage compartments and others have functionality like a lazy susan.

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January 12, 2022

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Charcuterie boards can be found in many different shapes, with rectangular probably being the most common. But a round charcuterie board is a great change of pace from the expected. While they may all share a shape, these boards can vary widely in style and functionality.

Circles can be a very intentional choice in design, as they hold a lot of symbolism and meaning. In this article, “The Psychological Meanings Behind Familiar Shapes (And How to Use Them), we learn a bit about the feelings a shape can evoke. Notably, the circle is often associated with sacredness, religion, and eternity and designers often choose them for products to convey nature-themed concepts or to symbolize perfection.

Round boards can be modern or traditional, clean or ornate. They come in materials as varied as wood and marble to slate and resin. Some have hidden storage compartments and others have functionality like a lazy susan.

Whatever round charcuterie board you choose, we hope you have fun and make beautiful, tasty boards!

round charcuterie board
Live-Edge Round Charcuterie Board

Live-edge Round Charcuterie Board

For a more organic shape, we love this tree slice board. Load it up with organic grapes, sharp cheeses, local honey and fresh, edible flowers for a charcuterie board fit for any nature lover.

This board is great as the base of a pretty centerpiece on your kitchen table as well, making it dual purpose and keeping it from taking up storage space. Check out this blog from Thistlewood Farms for some adorable ideas.

Click here to check out this beautiful board.

round charcuterie board
Lazy Susan Spinning Round Charcuterie Board

Lazy Susan Spinning Charcuterie Board

This board makes reaching over to the other side of the board to get that last olive a thing of the past. This round charcuterie board spins to bring the goodies right to you. This board also features a slate stone set into the wood that can be taken out for thorough cleaning. Dark slate is also great as you can identify the food on your board by writing on the slate with chalk.

Click here to buy this practical charcuterie board.

round charcuterie board
Round charcuterie board with cheese knife storage underneath

Round Charcuterie Board with Storage

This is a great board for those who like to take their Charcuterie on the road or have little storage space at home. This 10-inch round charcuterie board can be loaded up to serve 4-6 people and has a convenient pull-out drawer with 4 cheese knives safely stored. It’s made from natural bamboo, which we love as it’s a sustainable choice.

Click here to learn more about this unique round charcuterie board.

round charcuterie board
Marble and wood serving board

Acacia and Marble Charcuterie Board

When you just can’t choose if you want the warm tones of natural acacia wood or the cool, modern feel of marble, this board’s got your back.

What’s great about the two materials is you can chill the board and place cheeses and fruits on the cool marble while positioning crackers, nuts and other room-temperature bites on the wood surface.

Click here to buy this modern charcuterie board.

round charcuterie board
Round Charcuterie Board with Handles

Round Charcuterie Board with Handles

This board is a great choice for those who like to prepare abundant boards in the kitchen then walk around with it, whether it's to serve guests as they stand or to transport the board to a different area in the house. This particular board is so pretty with the wood and marble materials and pop of gold that dresses it up like a piece of jewelry.

Click here to get more details on this board.

Why we love charcuterie boards

A charcuterie board makes a wonderful addition to any household's serving tray collection. They're so versatile; you can make a traditional meat, cheese and fruit tray, or you can serve all sort of different food on it. From sushi to cookies, grilled meat to veggies and nuts, these boards serve as a beautiful base for whatever goodies you're serving.

Charcuterie boards also make wonderful gifts. Going to a housewarming party? Buy a board and pile up homemade baked goods or arrive with a board full of crackers and cheeses that can be placed out for guests right away.

Boards also integrate into table decor for events like weddings, baby showers and birthdays. Purchase some live-edge round charcuterie boards and place some flowers in ball jars as well as candles on top and you have a natural, elegant centerpiece. You can also play a game to see who wins the centerpiece board at the end of the event.

Finally, if space is limited at home, a thin board can be chosen that slides right into the slide of a cabinet, taking up minimal space. It can even be layered as part of a kitchen table centerpiece or just stay out on the kitchen counter. Place a bowl on the board and load it up with your bananas and avocados for a pretty, yet totally practical, countertop addition.

Charcuterie boards will never go out of style because they're so practical. Find the one that serves your needs and reflects your style and you'll find yourself reaching for it again and again!

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