The Best Wood Charcuterie Board: Our 5 Favorites

A wood charcuterie board is a classic choice. Here are five of our favorite Black Walnut, Walnut, Maple, Cedar and Oak options.

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January 26, 2022

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When you think of a traditional charcuterie board, you likely picture a rectangular, wood board piled with smoked and cured meats, various cheeses, fruits and nuts. The world of charcuterie styling has evolved into afar wider range of boards and foods, however. The typical salty meats, soft and firm cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, olives, jams and veggies are still popular, but boards piles with candies, pretzels, yogurt dips, baked goods and build your own themes (tacos, sandwiches, smores) have also been trending.

We think it is so much fun to see charcuterie evolve as an art form and a way to be creative. Entertaining should be fun, whether it’s for a romantic valentine’s day evening or a sugar-fueled Halloween party for kids. While the themes and ingredients for charcuterie trays have expanded and evolved, so have the actual boards. There are charcuterie boards available in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials.

Here we break down some of our favorite wood charcuterie boards. You can find more boards we love here as well. Wood still signals tradition and serves as a rich, neutral base to the colorful ingredients you choose to add on top of it. It also is a wonderful material because the board can also double as a cutting board – we love a dual-purpose kitchen supply!

wood charcuterie board
Walnut, cherry and maple charcuterie board

Multi-Variety Wood Charcuterie Board: Walnut/Cherry/Maple

We’re going to embrace our indecisiveness right away. Why choose one variety of wood when you can have three? This board has such a lovely tri-wood detail, mixing walnut, cherry and maple into a striped pattern. It has a masculine, modern feel and would be stunning left out on the counter permanently within easy reach for cutting veggies or serving charcuterie. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

wood charcuterie board
Live-edge, black walnut charcuterie board

Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

Alright serious charcuterie fans, lean in… this board means business. Over two feet long and crafted by a live-edge woodworker, this board makes a statement. Simultaneously rugged and elegant, the black walnut color is rich and the grain is striking. Live edge detailing on two sides makes it feel organic and interesting, making for a conversation piece at the base of your charcuterie treats.

The Amazon listing for this black walnut charcuterie board says it’s 100% handcrafted in the USA by a woodworker/logger. If you’re in the market for a statement piece that you will love and use forever, check this one out.

wood charcuterie board

Round Walnut Charcuterie Board

Walnut is a wood that is known for its strength, rich color and ability to achieve a super smooth finish. Because of that, it makes for a perfect wood for a charcuterie board. This walnut board is round and has a nice groove around the edge to catch any run away juices from fruits, olives or jams. Like other wood charcuterie boards, it can double as a cutting board or be used to serve just about any type of food.

Because of its simple, round design, this board would work well as a base to a centerpiece as well. Leave it out on a kitchen table with a bud vase and candle stacked on top and you have a sweet farmhouse style décor in place while minimizing the need for storage space.

wood charcuterie board

Maple Charcuterie Board

This board just makes us smile. Handmade by an artisan in France, where Charcuterie began, you can’t help but be enamored by the homey pizza-serving-board aesthetic. Of course, a bonus is this board is multi-functional: use it as a charcuterie board, a cutting board or a pizza serving board. Heck, you could use this board every single day.

We also love that this maple charcuterie board comes with a pizza cutter, making for an adorable gift for anyone who enjoys the kitchen. Its medium warm brown tone would compliment just about any home décor. To learn more about this board, click here.

wood charcuterie board
A live-edge cedar charcuterie board

Cedar Charcuterie Board

When we think of cedar, we think of the smell. There’s a reason cedar is used in cooking, like for cedar plank salmon; its natural qualities pair beautifully with food.

This cedar charcuterie board looks like it was taken right from the forest, with its live-edge sides intact. This particular board is layered with multiple coats of durable low maintenance food safe oil, making it safe for loading food on top as a unique serving tray. The board is about an inch thick, so it’s not so thick that it takes up a large amount of storage space, but is still incredibly durable.

To learn more about this board, click here.

wood charcuterie board

Oak Charcuterie Board

This oversized, oak charcuterie board is perfect for piling your favorite cheese, nuts and crackers on. Place it on the kitchen table and let guests mill around building plates of sweet and salty snack combos. The rounded edges and handles make this smooth-looking long board feel welcome and homey.

This board would be perfect for a serious party planner. Over 2 feet in length, several of these boards could be loaded with finger foods and served at an elegant wedding or baby shower. Mini sandwiches, cupcakes or even a sundae bar could be created on this wood charcuterie board and served to guests.

To buy this durable oak board, click here.

You can't go wrong if you choose wood for your charcuterie board material. It is a timeless and classic look, durable and multifunctional. We love that wood charcuterie boards can look homey and warm, yet also modern and edgy. Whether you opt for a live-edge stunner or a clean-lined design, light or dark tones, round or rectangular, a wood board is a great choice.

If you're looking for a memorable charcuterie-themed gift, consider a personalized board. We have some favorites listed here.

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