Ideas for a dessert charcuterie board

Charcuterie isn't just for dinner- a dessert charcuterie board delivers on all of the fun of charcuterie but all of the YUM of dessert.

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November 30, 2022

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Some of us really love the classic charcuterie board that’s loaded with savory cheeses, crackers, meat and nuts. But dessert boards piled high with sweet treats can be equally showstopping. Rather than a cake, pie or cookies, why not try out a fresh dessert idea at your next party?

The great thing about dessert charcuterie boards is that guests can build their own dessert. It’s fun, interactive and flexible while also being a great conversation piece at social gatherings. They can be built to be a child’s delight or sophisticated and elegant for a more formal affair. Either way, these boards are sure to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth.

We’re featuring three of our favorite dessert board ideas here, but use your imagination when building one yourself. These ideas can be modified to better suit the tastes or dietary restrictions of your guests or even inspire an entirely new idea. The only requirement is you have fun doing it!

dessert charcuterie board
A modern take on a classic: chocolate and berries on a dessert charcuterie board

Classic Fruit and Chocolate Dessert Charcuterie Board

There’s nothing revolutionary about chocolate covered berries, but when the combo is presented as a charcuterie board, it instantly feels more modern. Rather than pre-dipping fruit in chocolate, we like the idea of sprinkling some different chocolate candies, various berries and salty pairings on a board and letting guests do the pairing.

We suggest these ingredients for this dessert board, but feel free to substitute and get creative!

A mix of dark, milk and white chocolates




Chocolate covered raisons

Consider garnishing with some fresh mint leaves that will add a bit of greenery and fragrance to this board. You can also add a bit of flair by making strawberry roses, which are surprisingly easy to make and really pack a nice design punch.

dessert charcuterie board
Warm, cozy and sweet! Check out this hot chocolate dessert board.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

When the chill rolls in, the hot chocolate comes out! This dessert charcuterie board idea is perfect for a kid’s sleepover party or a winter holiday party finale. Start with any board: a holiday-themed platter, wood charcuterie board or glass plate will all work well.

We suggest the following ingredients at minimum, but feel free to add/substitute to suit your preferences:

Hot water or warm milk

Soft caramel cubes

Chocolate sticks/wafers

Mini marshmallows

Peppermint sticks

Cinnamon sticks


Arrange the ingredients in bunches on the plate and allow guests to melt any combination chocolate and caramel into their cup of hot water or milk. We suggest using the peppermint or cinnamon sticks as stirrers that also add a bit of flavor. Drop some marshmallows in to top the sweet drink and grab a cookie to dunk.

Such a fun and easy dessert idea!

dessert charcuterie board
Candy, and cookies and chocolate, oh my!

Just Give Me All the Sugar Dessert Board

This one is for the serious sugar craving! By arranging candies, cookies and other snacks together on a board, ingredients that might otherwise seem boring and common become visually appealing and fun. One great advantage to this dessert option is the ability to make it festive for a holiday or event. Pick up some holiday-themed cookies or mini cupcakes with birthday candles and you have a festive treat for your party.

We suggest mixing sweet, salty and tangy favors so the board has a nice balance of flavors. These are some suggestions, but choose any ingredients you like:




Sour Patch Kids Candy





Have fun with this board! Mix shapes, colors, textures and flavors to make it interesting and deliver a good variety of options for guests.

If you try any of these dessert charcuterie board ideas, tag us in a picture on Instagram- we’d love to see it! @mmmboards

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