Halloween Charcuterie Board

I’ve been collecting ideas for how to create a Halloween charcuterie board, so I thought I’d share my favorite ways to create a festive board.

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December 15, 2022

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Halloween is quickly approaching – can you believe it’s already mid-October?! We’re hosting a Halloween party at our house this year, and one of my favorite things to serve when we have people over is a charcuterie board. I’ve been collecting ideas for how to create a Halloween charcuterie board, so I thought I’d share my favorites!


1. Use Halloween-Colored Foods

By selecting foods that orange and black (or nearly black), and white, you’ll naturally create a themed board. Use a combination of deep-colored cheese like a sharp cheddar or a muenster cheese with the orange rind and light colored cheese like brie or havarti. For fruits, you can add in dark colors like grapes, blackberries, and blueberries. Some orange fruits like dried apricots or orange slices would pop nicely on the board. Dark chocolate would also be a good addition to this board.

halloween charcuterie board
This board from The College Housewife is a great example of a board that sticks to a Halloween color theme. She even has a raspberry jam popping out from a knife stuck in the cheese, which is such a great, spooky touch!


2. Add Halloween Décor

A few simple touches like arranging some small pumpkins onto the board will give it a Halloween feel. You can also add edible googly eyes onto foods or mix them in with a bowl of green olives. Some small plastic spiders or a skeleton hand also add to the spooky vibe.

halloween charcuterie board
This board from Howe We Live uses several fun themed décor pieces including a black board with snake handles, plastic spiders, and a skeleton hand.  

3. Arrange Your Halloween Charcuterie Board as a Skeleton

Another way to go all out with a Halloween charcuterie board is to arrange your entire board like a skeleton. Start with a large, rectangular board and arrange any combination of cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits. Add a plastic spine to the center of the board, and arrange plastic skeleton limbs around the board. Place a skeleton head at the top, and you will have quite the scary Halloween charcuterie board!

Halloween charcuterie board


4. Mix in Halloween Candies

No need to stick with only your charcuterie board staples for your Halloween board – you can have some fun by adding in candies that will pop on the board! A ramekin of candy corn or Halloween M&Ms would be fun. Halloween Oreos have orange cream filling in them, which paired with the dark colored cookies, is perfect for Halloween.

halloween charcuterie board
This board from Cerriously is one full of Halloween candies including Oreos, cheeseballs, and even Cuties Clementines.

All of these ideas would make for a great Halloween charcuterie board! Stay tuned to see how I end up styling our Halloween board.

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