Creating Perfect Charcuterie Cups

Charcuterie cups are an adorable individual version of a charcuterie board that are an absolute fan favorite. Read on to learn how to make the perfect charcuterie cups.

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October 26, 2022

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Charcuterie cups are a trendy twist on charcuterie boards and they’re popular for good reason. Their individual nature means they are a perfect party and event food; your guests can grab one and keep on having fun while they snack. Because they are a newer trend, it can be difficult to know where to start. We’re covering how to build them, styling ideas, and where to find charcuterie cup supplies so you can be on your way to charcuterie cup expertise in no time. 

Curious about how to build the charcuterie cups of your dreams?

First, add in tall items like pretzels, breadsticks, and skewers loaded with fruit or meat. Next, fill in the bottom with dried fruit, nuts, or small chocolates to add weight to the bottom and height to the cup. An optional step here is to add in edible flowers and herbs to add color, texture, and a pop of flavor. Next, add cheese! If you are using a paper cup, avoid soft cheeses as to not dampen the cup. We love hard cheeses in charcuterie cups. Placing a triangle of cheese in the cup is an aesthetically pleasing choice, or you can add pieces of cheese to a skewer before adding to create height. Now that you have the bases, you can add everything else. Meat, vegetables and fruits can all be layered in as you wish, either solo or on skewers. You can fold meat accordion style and thread a skewer through it to add some tasteful texture and flair.

We love seeing styled charcuterie cups for different occasions. Here are some examples of different ways that you can add personality to charcuterie cups.

Birthday Party Charcuterie Cups

Charcuterie Cups
Adorable Birthday Charcuterie Cups From Helen G. Bailey

These charcuterie cups are styled for a themed birthday party. Helen from Helen G. Bailey used 8oz cups filled with a variety of sweet and savory goodies to create a grab-and-go snack for her party guests. We love the printed cups and the fresh herbs that she uses to add personality.

Easter Charcuterie Cones

charcuterie cups
Easter Charcuterie Cones From Ain't Too Proud to Meg

Charcuterie cones are another fun twist on a board and can be made the same way as charcuterie cups. These precious, super sweet cones from Ain’t Too Proud to Meg are an adorable example of customizing your cone for the occasion. We love how she features gummies on skewers and a variety of colors and textures to create super unique charcuterie cones.

Christmas Charcuterie Cups

Charcuterie Cups
Christmas Charcuterie Jars from The Travel Bite

This inspiration from The Travel Bite uses a small reusable glass jar instead of a cup. We love how they used wax wrapped cheese to create an ornament look and fresh herbs, pickles, meats, and olives to create a natural red and green color scheme.

Next up: supplies. If you’re wondering where to grab the supplies to make your charcuterie cup dream a reality, we have you covered.

First, we have charcuterie cups. These cups are some of our favorites because they are neutral and can be customized for any situation. We love the idea of adding a cute sticker or stamp to the front to add personality. They come in brown and white depending on your decor preferences.

Amazon Charcuterie Cups
Find these charcuterie cups here

Charcuterie Cups
Find these charcuterie cups here

If you’re looking for something a bit more sleek, we recommend these black charcuterie cups. They are environmentally friendly and perfect for charcuterie! Again, we love the idea of adding a sticker or stamp to the cup for customization and personality.

These Cocktail Skewers add instant flair to your charcuterie cups. We love sliding hard cheeses, tomatoes, or folded meat onto these skewers.

Skewers For Charcuterie Cups
Find these charcuterie skewers here

If you’re looking for a little wow factor, these skewers are perfect. They add a pop of gold that will give your cups a touch of glamor.

Charcuterie Cups
Find these fancy charcuterie skewers here

With these supplies and inspiration in mind, you’re well on your way to creating the perfect charcuterie cups for any occasion!

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