Charcuterie Labels for Any Occasion

We have seven different options of charcuterie labels that will be a game changer at your next charcuterie party or night in. Pick your favorite and let us know how it goes!

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June 15, 2022

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What’s the icing on the cake for a beautiful charcuterie board? Labels.

Yep, some cute calligraphy or rustic chalkboard labels can make all the difference in the presentation of your board. They are an adorable added touch that doesn’t cost much. You may be wondering: “Why labels? My guest will be able to tell what’s on the board.”

Charcuterie Labels for Entertaining

Here at Mmm…boards, we love charcuterie labels, and here’s why:

People often feel more comfortable trying new things and combinations when they know what they are. If you have a fancy cheese, adding a label with the name and even your suggested food combos will make sure it gets gobbled up.

Another reason why charcuterie labels are great is for clarifying allergens and dietary notes. Did you buy gluten-free crackers? Label them so your GF guests know.

Another important reason: aesthetics. Charcuterie labels can tie together your board in a variety of creative ways; read on to see what we mean!

We have seven different options for charcuterie labels that are sure to look amazing at your next charcuterie party or night in. Pick your favorite and let us know how it goes!

1. Mini Chalkboard Labels

These adorable miniature chalkboards come in a pack of 20, which has 2 different styles. These charcuterie labels are reusable and economical.

Mini Chalkboard Charcuterie Labels

2. Chalkboard Cheese Labels

If your charcuterie board features a bounty of cheeses, these labels are perfect. We can see these paired with the labels above to accessorize your board. They come in black & gold, depending on what suits your style best.

Chalkboard Charcuterie Labels for Cheese

3. Miniature Flag Labels

What we love: these charcuterie labels are low-profile and cost effective. They come in white and brown paper in a pack of 100 for under $7. They can easily be stuck into cheeses or bowls of bites such as olives or fruits.

Miniature Flag Charcuterie Labels

4. Slate Cheese Labels

If you’re curating a board for a fancy occasion, these slate labels might be just the accessory for you. They are reusable, come with chalk, and add a rustic-chic look to your board.

Slate Charcuterie Labels

5. Rustic Wooden Chalkboard

If you don’t want to deal with individual labels, may we suggest this lovely rustic chalkboard. You can easily write out your charcuterie menu here, complete with any info you feel might be important, such as being GF or vegan. For reference, this chalkboard is 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

Chalkboard Charcuterie Menu Board

6. Slate Charcuterie Board

Another option: write directly on your board. These boards come in a pack of 4, and each board is 12” by 8,” meaning that they are perfect for putting out a few different boards or making individual boards. You can label each ingredient, write someone’s name or leave a sweet message on the board- whatever your style is!

Slate Charcuterie Board

7. Brown Paper Charcuterie Table

Making a trendy, table size charcuterie board? Cover your table in this brown paper, lay out your ingredients, and simply write labels on the paper as you go. This is a super fun option and a great way to get your guests to gather around the table together.

Charcuterie Table Labels

Here’s an adorable example from the blog If Only April:

(Writing is not part of the original image.)

Charcuterie Table Ideas

No matter the occasion, charcuterie labels are never a bad idea. Try one of these ideas out and let us know how it goes!

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