Build a gluten free charcuterie board

If you're wanting to build a gluten free charcuterie board, here are some tips.

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January 23, 2022

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So, you’ve decided to take on gluten free charcuterie. You’re in the right place! We’re here to help you craft a yummy board that isn’t defined by its lack of gluten. The most important rule of thumb is to check ingredient labels for gluten containing ingredients. When reading labels, avoid these ingredients:










Brewer’s yeast

Wheat starch




Hydrolyzed wheat protein

Modified wheat starch


Another way to check for gluten is to look at the bolded allergen statement below the ingredient list. If it says Contains: Wheat or Contains: Gluten, leave it out of your board and try one of our gluten free substitute ideas.

Cheese is great for gluten free charcuterie

First things first, cheese! Cheese is dairy based and is naturally gluten free in almost every case, which means you can enjoy everything from aged gouda to gorgonzola on your board. If you're piling your board high with cheese, consider picking up a cheese knife set.

Here are a couple of our favorite cheese knife sets that would be a perfect accompaniment to your board.

Simple and affordable

You can find this simple set of beautiful, budget-friendly cheese knives here.

gluten free charcuterie board
Pick up some basic cheese knives for your charcuterie board

A beautiful upgrade

Looking for cheese knives that will make a statement? Check out this gorgeous knife set.

Take it up a level with these cheese knives that make a stylish statement

Fruit & Veggies

A crucial part of charcuterie is fruit and vegetables. Luckily, fruit and vegetables are naturally gluten free, so pile them on your board! 

Nuts & Olives

Nuts have the potential to contain gluten if they have wheat in their coating. Make sure to check the label before adding them to your board. If you prefer to play it safe, we recommend plain nuts such as cashews and almonds. Olives are also naturally gluten free and a great accompaniment to nuts. 

Looking for unique ramekins to display your nuts and olives? Check out these Square 4 oz Ramekin Dishes.

gluten free charcuterie board
These are great ramekins for nuts and olives for your board

Last but not least, meat!

Meat is gluten free by default, unless wheat is used as a breading, which means that it can be a key ingredient in your gluten free board.

Label gluten free foods

One final tip that we have for creating your board is to label different foods. If guests have different allergies or dietary restrictions, labeling charcuterie board items can help them discern what they should and shouldn’t eat. Putting a note that says “GF” on a label will let gluten-avoiding people know that they are good to go!

Click here for a reusable pack of signs for labeling "GF" items.

labels for gluten free charcuterie board
Reusable signs to mark gluten free foods on a charcuterie board

Click here for a pack of disposable flags to label gluten free foods on your board.

labels for gluten free charcuterie board
Disposable flags to mark gluten free items on a charcuterie board

Voila! A delicious and beautiful charcuterie experience with no gluten to be found. Make sure you are checking ingredient labels along the way. Another tip is to frequent health food stores for ingredients- they often have a large inventory of gluten free goodies for your charcuterie board!

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