Best charcuterie boards for different personalities

Whether a homebody or social butterfly, here are ideas for the best charcuterie board to buy for the different personalities in your life.

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October 19, 2021

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We realize that different people enjoy charcuterie in different ways. That is why we’ve found the best charcuterie boards to buy for 5 different types of people. Whether introvert, extrovert, picky or adventurous, charcuterie is for everyone!

Best charcuterie board for gifts
The best charcuterie board to buy for on-the-go

Miss On-The-Go

We like this board for the on-the-go board lover because of its versatility and size. For only $60, you get tons of space for food without the hassle of packing a bunch of awkward storage containers, and all of the amenities needed to enjoy your board are included. This would be a great board for a gathering outside of the house, such as a picnic or festival. Whether on a hot beach day, at a crowded park, or a music festival, this board will do its job. It would be simple to pack, and easy to lay out on a small table or even a blanket. This is a convenient design that makes packing and planning easy. With everything you may need in one spot, it is hard to forget that one spreading knife that you kicked yourself for last time.

best charcuterie board for on the go
The best charcuterie board to buy for a picky eater

Mr. Picky

This board is perfect for the person that’s constantly questioning what is on the plate in front of them. This creative take on a chalkboard leaves no one in the dark as to what they might be eating. This board is perfect for all the picky eaters, whether a toddler who just wants a piece of salami, or an adult who’s never liked bleu cheese. The set of 6 slates makes these a great option for any party, whether small or large. The raw slate material is also naturally cold, so the foods that you put on there will taste better and stay fresher for longer.

best charcuterie board for sports lovers
Best Charcuterie boards to buy for football and baseball lovers

The Soccer Mom

We love these cute boards for sports moms and dads alike. This football shaped board is perfect for tailgating at your kid’s high school football games, or for watching your favorite NFL team on Sunday. The baseball board is an adorable addition to your lawn chairs and blankets on spring nights at the field. These boards would also make it easy when it's your turn for team snack day. Quick to lay out and grab, the kids will love the fun shaped boards loaded up with some mild cheese and their favorite goldfish. 

best charcuterie board for travelers
The best charcuterie board to buy for people who travel

Mr. Worldwide

This board is the perfect choice for all of the travelers of the world. This otherwise large, geometric board compresses into a small triangular unit that will fit into any bag. Want to have a picnic at the top of a mountain? Grab your board and bag and get to hiking! Making a trip on the other side of the world? Pack your board in your suitcase and make an amazing lunch in your hotel room. Whether you’re flying solo or adventuring with friends, this board has plenty of space to make hungry tourists happy.

best charcuterie board for individual servings
The best charcuterie board to buy for individual servings

The Introvert

These adorable little boards are a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy their charcuterie alone. The personal trays pair well with a “rest and relax” day, or a night in with your furry companion. The minimal holder and different wood stains make these boards a perfect staple piece in anyone’s kitchen. For the minimalist, these boards can also serve as everyday plates for sandwiches, sushi, snacks, and more, lessening the number of dishes in the kitchen.

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