Amazon's Best Epoxy Charcuterie Board Choices

Looking for an epoxy charcuterie board? These are our 4 favorites on Amazon and some resources to make your own.

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January 27, 2022

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Epoxy resin adheres very well to a variety of materials, including wood, concrete and ceramic, which is why some of the most beautiful epoxy charcuterie boards are married with wood. One of the most prized characteristics of epoxy is its durability and strength, so an investment into a board of this type is a smart one.

What is epoxy

Epoxy is a type of polymer that is used as an adhesive and a coating in constructing things that require strong bonds between substrates. For example, epoxy is used in automotive production, boats, flooring, even aircraft. Epoxy resin is typically poured layer by layer to make a thick product in order to let the material dry to a strong finish.

Epoxy resins harden (or cure) after applying high heat or through chemical reaction. During this process the polyepoxides (epoxy resins) become “cross linked,” as polymer strands form into a hardened structure.

epoxy charcuterie board
A charcuterie board combining burl wood and epoxy resin

Burl Wood and Epoxy Charcuterie Board

With Myanmar Solid Camphor Burl and pinecones paired with colorful epoxy, this board looks like a piece of art. The pinecone detail is unexpected and whimsical, adding an unexpected twist with the burl wood and blue/green/violet colors. The handle is also a nice feature, making it easy to carry to a table without touching the food on the board.

It would be lovely left out on the counter topped with your bananas, tomatoes and avocados for the week.

To read more about it and purchase, click here.

epoxy charcuterie board
This ocean-themed maple and epoxy board can be used as a cutting or serving board

Ocean-themed epoxy and maple charcuterie board

If you have a beach house, this board needs to be in your home. The white and shades of blue epoxy look just like waves and foam in water. The solid maple charcuterie board against the blues looks like sand. It is perfection!

We’re always suckers for a board with a handle, and this one is made with the ocean blue epoxy resin, which is as smooth as glass with a beautiful sheen. Load it up with white brie cheese, prosciutto, sopressata, grapes, jam and olives for a colorful, sweet and savory crowd-pleasing dish.

The Amazon listing says this board is hand-made, meaning each will be slightly different. This board is a work of art.

More about this board can be found here.

epoxy charcuterie board
Camphor laurel wood and violet epoxy combine to make this feminine charcuterie board

Violet epoxy and Camphor Laurel Timber Board

It’s not often we come across a charcuterie board made with camphor laurel. This wood’s unique, pleasant smell makes it instantly recognizable and its honey color is rich yet light. This yellow toned wood is paired perfectly with a violet resin for a feminine yet rustic pairing that is stunning. The colors of charcuterie ingredients will pop memorably on this board.

This is a board we’d absolutely leave out all the time, whether displayed on a shelf or propped up against the backsplash.

Buy it now by clicking here.

personalized epoxy charcuterie board
A personalized, wood and resin epoxy charcuterie board

Personalized Olive Wood and Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Board

When you want a truly unique and personalized gift, this is a perfect option. The board is hand-made with resin and olive wood, which is only harvested once a year. The included engraving makes this board a one-of-a-kind kitchen accessory. As a bonus, this epoxy charcuterie board comes with matching, personalized coasters. The recipient of this board will think of the gift giver every time it’s used and it will certainly become a favorite conversation piece.

If you need a special gift, go get this by clicking here.

Make your own epoxy board

For you DIY’ers, here are some resources for making your own epoxy resin charcuterie board.

This video shows how to make a wood and epoxy resin board

A silicone mold for a serving tray with handle:

Mica powder for mixing to color your resin:

A kit that includes the epoxy resin and hardener:

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