Epoxy charcuterie board

Charcuterie board made with epoxy

Epoxy is a polymer that can be colored and used to create rigid, sturdy products. It also has strong bonding properties, which makes it the perfect choice for merging two materials together. Charcuterie boards made entirely out of epoxy are often colorful and have interesting patterns within the dried material. Some epoxy boards incorporate other materials, such as shells or pinecones within the see-through material. Other boards combine wood and epoxy for uniquely natural, yet modern option. Live edge wood is a popular choice for marrying with epoxy to make a board that can be used for serving or cutting. These boards are innately unique, and therefore serve as conversation pieces and pieces of art. Here are some of our favorite epoxy charcuterie boards.

An epoxy charcuterie board is unique choice, especially if it's mixed with other materials, like wood.

Epoxy and maple charcuterie board
Light maple wood is combined with blue and white epoxy to make this charcuterie board look like sea and sand.
June 24, 2022
Feminine Wood and Epoxy Charcuterie Board
This camphor laurel wood and violet epoxy charcuterie board is a show stopper.
June 24, 2022
Epoxy Charcuterie Board
This hand-made, live-edge wood and epoxy charcuterie board is a conversation starter.
June 22, 2022