Charcuterie board with accessories

Charcuterie boards that have accessories included

A great option for a charcuterie beginner who has no supplies yet or for the veteran charcuterie board builder who brings their boards to parties and picnics, a board with accessories included is a convenient and smart choice. From cheese knives to cheese spreaders, ramekins to charcuterie cook books, accessories can take your charcuterie boards to the next level. These are some of our favorites.

A charcuterie board with accessories included- some even have storage built in.

Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set
Our favorite products from the Smirly brand are their feature-packed charcuterie boards, cheese boards, cutting boards and serving accessories for entertaining.
October 16, 2022
Board with charcuterie accessories
This storage-packed board comes with all of the charcuterie accessories you'd need while on the go.
June 22, 2022